5 Exposure Compensation
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Exposure compensation is available in M and F
modes only.
At settings other than ±0, a 5 icon is displayed in the
Exposure compensation is not reset when the camera
is turned off; to restore normal exposure control,
choose a value of ±0.
Exposure compensation is disabled when the flash is
set to 4 or V (auto with red-eye reduction); when
the flash is set to K or U, exposure compensation
is disabled if the subject is dark.
Choosing an Exposure Compensation Value
Backlit subjects: choose values
from +2/3EV to +12/3
EV (for an explanation of the
term “EV”, see the Glossary on
page 107)
Highly reflective subjects or very
bright scenes (e.g., snowfields):
Scenes that are mostly sky: +1E V
Spotlit subjects (particularly if photographed against
dark backgrounds): –2/3EV
Subjects with low reflectivity (pine trees or dark-colored
foliage): –2/3EV
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