J Using the Self-Timer
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The self-timer lamp on the front of the camera will blink
immediately before the picture is taken. If the two-second
timer is selected, the self-timer lamp will blink as the timer
counts down.
The self-timer turns off automatically when the picture is taken, a different shooting mode is selected, playback
mode is selected, or the camera is turned off.
Intelligent Face Detection
Because it ensures that the faces of portrait subjects will be in focus, Intelligent Face Detection (pg. 21) is
recommended when using the self-timer for group portraits or self-portraits. To use the self-timer with Intelligent
Face Detection, set the timer as described in Step 1 and then press the shutter button all the way down to start
the timer. The camera will detect faces while the timer is counting down and adjust focus and exposure
immediately before the shutter is released. Be careful not to move until the picture has been recorded.
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