K Using the Flash (Intelligent Flash)
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Red-Eye Removal
When SREMOVAL ON is selected for
Intelligent Face Detection (pg. 21), red-eye
removal (S) is available in 4 (V), fill
flash (U), and slow sync (Z) modes.
Red-eye removal minimizes “red-eye
caused when light from the flash is reflected from the
subject’s retinas as shown in the illustration at right.
" Silent Mode
In situations in which camera sounds or light from the
flash may be unwelcome, press the DISP/BACK button
until " is displayed in the monitor.
The camera speaker, flash, AF-assist illuminator and
self-timer lamps turn off (note that the flash will still
fire in A mode). Flash and volume settings can not
be adjusted while silent mode is in effect. To restore
normal operation, press the DISP/BACK button until the
" icon is no longer displayed.
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