K Using the Flash (Intelligent Flash)
When the flash is used, the camera’s Intelligent Flash system instantly analyzes the scene based on
such factors as the brightness of the subject, its position in the frame, and its distance from the camera.
Flash output and sensitivity are adjusted to ensure that the main subject is correctly exposed while
preserving the effects of ambient background lighting, even in dimly-lit indoor scenes. Use the flash
when lighting is poor, for example when shooting at night or indoors under low light.
To choose a flash mode, press the selector right (K). The flash mode changes
each time the selector is pressed; in modes other than 4, the current mode
is indicated by an icon in the monitor. Choose from the following options
(some options are not available in all shooting modes; see pg. 108):
If the flash will fire, X will be displayed in the monitor when the shutter button is pressed halfway.
The flash may fire several times with each shot. Do not move the camera until shooting is complete.
Mode Description
4 (no icon) The flash fires when required. Recommended in most situations.
K (fill flash) The flash fires whenever a picture is taken. Use for backlit subjects or for natural coloration when
shooting in bright light.
W (flash off) The flash does not fire even when the subject is poorly lit. 0 will appear in the monitor at slow
shutter speeds to warn that pictures may be blurred. Use of a tripod is recommended.
T (slow sync)
Capture both the main subject and the background when shooting at night (note that brightly
lit scenes may be overexposed). If D is selected for A SCENE POSITION, shutter speed may be
as slow as 3s. Use a tripod.
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