B Intelligent Face Detection and Red-Eye Removal
3 Focus.
Press the shutter button halfway
to set focus and exposure for the
subject in the green border.
4 Shoot.
Press the shutter button all the
way down to shoot.
is selected, the picture will be processed to
reduce red-eye before it is recorded.
BTip: Red-Eye Removal
Select ON for the aSAVE ORG IMAGE option in
the setup menu (pg. 86) to save unprocessed copies
of pictures created with red-eye removal.
If no face is detected when the shutter-release button
is pressed halfway (pg. 98), the camera will focus on
the subject at the center of the monitor and red-eye
will not be removed. If the camera is unable to detect
a face, turn Intelligent Face Detection off and use
focus lock (pg. 23).
If the subject moves as the shutter button is pressed,
their face may not be in the area indicated by the
green border when the picture is taken.
Intelligent Face Detection
Intelligent Face Detection is
recommended when using the
self-timer for group portraits or
self-portraits (pg. 28).
When a picture taken with Intelligent Face Detection
is displayed, the camera can automatically select faces
for playback zoom (pg. 42), slide shows (pg. 75),
printing (pg. 54), and cropping (pg. 84).
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