Inserting the Battery
Insert the battery in the correct orientation. Do
not use force or attempt to insert the battery
upside down or backwards. The battery will slide
in easily in the correct orientation.
The orange battery indicator may not be printed
on the battery.
• If the battery-chamber cover can not be latched
easily, confirm the battery orientation first. Do
not use excessive force to latch it.
3 Close the battery-chamber cover.
BTip: Using an AC Adapter
The camera can be powered by an optional AC-5VX AC
adapter equipped with a CP-50 DC coupler (available
separately). See the AC-5VX and CP-50 manuals for
Removing the Battery
After turning the camera off, open the battery-
chamber cover, press the battery latch to the side, and
slide the battery out of the camera as shown.
Turn the camera off before removing the battery.
Battery latch
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