The Mode Dial
To select a shooting mode, align the mode icon with the mark next
to the mode dial.
A (NATURAL & K): Helps ensure
good results in situations with
difficult lighting. Each time the
shutter button is pressed, the camera
takes two shots: one shot without
the flash to preserve natural lighting,
followed immediately by a second
shot with the flash (pg. 33).
(AUTO): A simple “point-and-
shoot” mode recommended for first-
time users of digital cameras (pg. 15).
natural light indoors, under low
light, or where the flash can not
be used (pg. 34).
M (MANUAL): Choose this mode for
manual control over a wide variety of
camera settings (pg. 37).
F (Aperture-Priority/Shutter-Priority
Auto): Adjust shutter speed or aperture
manually to freeze or blur motion or
control depth of field (pg. 37).
A (MOVIE): Record short movies with
sound (pg. 47).
(Scene Position): Choose a scene
suited to the subject or shooting
conditions and let the camera do the
rest (pg. 34).
by pointing the camera at the
subject, the camera analyzes the
scene (using scene recognition), and
automatically selects the appropriate
mode (pg.32).
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