Warning Messages and Displays
TOO MANY FRAMES Date for which more than 4,999 pictures exist
selected in sort-by-date view. Choose a different date.
PROTECTED FRAME An attempt was made to delete, rotate, or
add a voice memo to a protected picture.
Remove protection before deleting, rotating, or
adding voice memos to pictures.
ERROR Voice memo file is corrupt. The voice memo can not be played back.
Camera malfunction. Contact a FUJIFILM dealer.
d NO IMAGE The source device selected in the playback
COPY menu contains no pictures. Select a different source.
p CAN NOT TRIM An attempt was made to crop a p picture.
These pictures can not be cropped.
CAN NOT TRIM The picture selected for cropping is damaged
or was not created with the camera.
DPOF FILE ERROR The DPOF print order on the current memory
card contains more than 999 images.
Copy the pictures to internal memory and create a
new print order.
CAN NOT SET DPOF The picture can not be printed using DPOF.
A CAN NOT SET DPOF Movies can not be printed using DPOF.
CAN NOT ROTATE The picture can not be rotated.
A CAN NOT ROTATE Movies can not be rotated.
Warning Description Solution
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