Camera Q & A
Taking Pictures
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How many pictures can I take? Memory capacity 109
Is there a quick and easy way to take snapshots? mode 15
How can I avoid blurred pictures? Dual IS mode 17
How can I make good portraits? Intelligent Face Detection 21
Can the camera automatically select the most suitable mode? mode 32
Can I manually choose a mode suitable for the shooting conditions? Scene position ( ) 34
How do I shoot close-ups? Close-ups (macro mode) 25
How do I keep the flash from firing?
Flash mode 26How do I stop my subjects’ eyes glowing red when I use the flash?
How do I “fill-in” shadows on back-lit subjects?
How do I take a group portrait that includes the photographer? Self-timer mode 28
How do I turn off the lamp on the front of the camera? AF-assist illuminator 86
How do I frame pictures with the subject off to one side? Focus lock 23
Can I choose shutter speed and aperture? F mode 37
How do I adjust exposure? Exposure compensation 30
How do I shoot movies? Recording movies 47
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