Optional Accessories
Technical Notes
Accessories from Fujifilm
As of July 2008, the following optional accessories were available from FUJIFILM. Check with your local
Fujifilm representative for information on the accessories available in your region.
xD-Picture Cards
: Choose from 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, and 2 GB cards. Type M, type M+
or type H
xD-Picture Cards
can be used; note, however, that type H cards may not
be compatible with accessories such as USB drives. The card type can be
determined from the model number: for example, “DPC-M2GB” indicates a type M
BC-50 battery charger
: Replacement battery chargers can be purchased as
required. The BC-50 charges an NP-50 battery in about 140 minutes at +23°C (+73°F).
NP-50 rechargeable Li-ion battery (supplied): Additional NP-50 large-capacity batteries
can be purchased as required.
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