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Camera Setup
Sharing Pictures
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How do I set the camera clock? Date and time 13
Can I set the clock to local time when I travel? Time difference 91
How do I keep the monitor from turning off automatically? Auto power off 90
How do I make the monitor brighter or darker? LCD brightness 89
How do I stop the camera beeping and clicking?
Silent mode 27
Operation volume 86
Shutter volume 86
What are the parts of the camera called? Parts of the camera 2
What do the icons in the monitor mean? Monitor 3
How do I use the menus? Menus 62
What’s behind that flashing icon or error message in the monitor? Messages and displays 103
How much charge is left in the battery? Battery level 15
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Can I print pictures on my home printer? Printing pictures 51
Can I copy my pictures to my computer? Viewing pictures on a computer 56
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