Focus Mode
Use of a tripod is recommended. Focus may be affected if the camera moves.
The camera will not focus when the focus ring is rotated all the way to the right. To focus at infinity, focus on a
distant object.
To focus using autofocus, press the AE/AF LOCK button. This can be used to
quickly focus on a chosen subject in manual focus mode.
Focus check
• Press the focus-assist button to magnify the view for checking focus. If
ON is selected for j FOCUS CHECK in the setup menu (P 94), rotating
the focus ring also magnifies the view.
• The outlines with the most contrast at the current focus distance can
be viewed by selecting FOCUS PEAK HIGHLIGHT for c MF ASSIST
(P 85). To switch between FOCUS PEAK HIGHLIGHT and STANDARD,
press and hold the focus-assist button.
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