White Balance
For natural colors, press MENU/OK, select D WHITE
BALANCE in the shooting menu (P 79), and
choose a setting that matches the light source.
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
AUTO White balance adjusted automatically.
hMeasure a value for white balance.
iFor subjects in direct sunlight.
jFor subjects in the shade.
kUse under “daylight” fluorescent lights.
lUse under “warm white” fluorescent lights.
mUse under “cool white” fluorescent lights.
nUse under incandescent lighting.
To fine-tune white balance, highlight an option
and press MENU/OK. Use the selector to adjust
white balance or press DISP/BACK to use the default
white balance value.
At settings other than h, auto white balance is used
with the flash.
• Results vary with shooting conditions. Play pictures
back after shooting to check colors in the LCD moni-
h: Custom White Balance
Choose h to adjust white balance for unusual light-
ing conditions. White balance measurement options
will be displayed; frame a white object so that it fills
the LCD monitor and press the shutter button all the
way down to measure white balance (to select the
most recent custom value and exit without measur-
ing white balance, press DISP/BACK, or press MENU/OK
to select the most recent value and display the fine-
tuning dialog).
If “COMPLETED!” is displayed, press MENU/OK to set
white balance to the measured value.
If “UNDER” is displayed, raise exposure compensa-
tion (P 45) and try again.
If “OVER” is displayed, lower exposure compensation
and try again.
For greater precision, adjust P FILM SIMULATION,
N ISO, and U DYNAMIC RANGE before measur-
ing white balance.
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