More on Photography
N Using the Flash (Super-Intelligent Flash)
The flash may fire several times with each shot. Do not move the camera until shooting is complete.
The peripheral part of an image may be dark when using the flash.
Remove lens hoods to prevent shadows in photos taken with the flash.
Red-Eye Removal
When Intelligent Face Detection is active (P 52), and ON is selec ted for B RED EYE REMOVAL in the
setup menu (P 99), red-eye removal is available in K, L, and M.
Red-eye removal minimizes “red-eye” caused when light from the flash is reflected from the subject’s
retinas as shown in the illustration at right.
Turning the Flash Off
Lower the flash where flash photography is prohibited or to capture natural lighting un-
der dim light. At slow shutter speeds, k will be displayed to warn that pictures may be
blurred; use of a tripod is recommended.
Optional Flash Units
The camera can be used with optional EF-42 and EF-20 clip flash units (P 104).
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