Shooting Mode
The camera offers a choice of “scenes,” each adapted to particular shooting conditions or
a specific type of subject. Use the A SCENE POSITION option in the shooting menu to
choose the scene assigned to the SP1/SP2 position on the mode dial.
SceneScene DescriptionDescription
L PORTRAIT Choose for portraits.
Z PORTRAIT ENHANCER Choose for a smooth skin effect when shooting portraits.
M LANDSCAPE Choose for daylight shots of buildings and landscapes.
N SPORT Choose when photographing moving subjects.
O NIGHT Choose this mode for poorly lit twilight or night scenes.
H NIGHT (TRIPOD) Choose this mode for slow shutter speeds when shooting at night.
U FIREWORKS Slow shutter speeds are used to capture the expanding burst of light from a firework.
Q SUNSET Choose this mode to record the vivid colors in sunrises and sunsets.
R SNOW Choose for crisp, clear shots that capture the brightness of scenes dominated by shining white snow.
V BEACH Choose for crisp, clear shots that capture the brightness of sunlit beaches.
U PARTY Capture indoor background lighting under low-light conditions.
V FLOWER Choose for vivid close-ups of flowers.
W TEXT Take clear pictures of text or drawings in print.
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