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Shooting Mode
Choose a shooting mode according to the scene or type of subject. To
choose a shooting mode, rotate the mode dial to the desired setting. The
following modes are available:
P, S, A, M: Select for full control over camera settings, including
aperture (M and A) and/or shutter speed (M and S) (P 31).
C (CUSTOM): Recall stored settings for
modes P, S, A, M and all E modes
except R (P 34).
N (MOTION PANORAMA 360): Select for
taking a panorama (P 29).
O: Improve clarity, reduce noise, in-
crease dynamic range, or let the camera
automatically adjust settings to suit the
scene (P 24).
Adv. (ADVANCED): Sophisticated tech-
niques made easy (P 25).
B (AUTO): A simple “point-and-shoot”
mode recommended for first-time users
of digital cameras (P 25).
SP1, SP2 (SCENE POSITION): Choose a scene suited to the subject
or shooting conditions and let the camera do the rest (P 28).
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