Turning the Camera on and Off
Rotate the ON/OFF switch to ON to turn the camera
Select OFF to turn the camera off.
b Switching to Playback Mode
Press the a button to start playback. Press a button
again or press the shutter button halfway to return to
shooting mode.
b Auto Power Off
The camera will turn off automatically if no operations
are performed for the length of time selected in the
AUTO POWER OFF menu (P 98). To reactivate the
camera after it has turned off automatically, turn the
ON/OFF switch to OFF and then back to ON.
Battery Level
Battery level is shown as follows:
IndicatorIndicator DescriptionDescription
D (white) Battery partially discharged.
C (white) Battery more than half discharged.
B (red) Low battery. Charge as soon as pos-
A (blinks red) Battery exhausted. Turn camera off
and charge battery.
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