The Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)
The electronic viewfinder provides the same information as the monitor, and can be
used when bright lighting conditions make the display in the monitor difficult to see.
Press EVF/LCD button to select from the auto switch, monitor, or electric view finder
mode. When the auto switch mode is set, the electric view finder turns on automati-
cally when you put your eye to the view finder, and the monitor turns on when you
take your eye away (note that the eye sensor may not respond if you are wearing
glasses or your head is an angle to the camera).
Eye sensor
The camera is equipped with diopter adjustment to accommodate individual dif-
ferences in vision. Slide the diopter adjustment control up and down until the view-
finder display is in sharp focus.
Bright Ambient Lighting
Reflections and glare caused by bright ambient lighting may make it hard to see the display in the monitor,
particularly when the camera is used outdoors. This can be addressed by holding the EVF/LCD button to trigger
outdoor mode. Outdoor mode can also be enabled using the A SCREEN SET-UP > MONITOR SUNLIGHT
MODE option in the setup menu (P 97).
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