Power supply/other
Power sources NP-W126 rechargeable battery
Battery life (approximate num-
ber of frames that can be taken
with a fully-charged battery)
Battery typeBattery type Approximate number of framesApproximate number of frames
NP-W126 (type supplied with camera)500
CIPA standard, measured in B (auto) mode using battery supplied with camera and SD memory card.
Note: Number of shots that can be taken with battery varies with battery charge level and will decline
at low temperatures.
Camera dimensions 134.9 mm × 101.3 mm × 145.9 mm/5.3 in. × 3.9 in. × 5.7 in. (W × H × D), excluding projections
Shooting weight Approx. 808 g/28.5 oz., including batteries and memory card
Camera weight Approx. 758 g/26.7 oz., excluding batteries, accessories, and memory cards
Operating conditions Temperature: 0 °C – +40 °C/+32 °F – +104 °F Humidity: 10% – 80% (no condensation)
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