Problems and Solutions
ProblemProblem SolutionSolution
No picture or sound.
The camera is not properly connected: Connect the camera properly (P 66).
Input on the television is set to “TV”: Set input to “HDMI”.
The volume on the TV is too low: Adjust the volume.
The computer does not
recognize the camera. Be sure the camera and computer are correctly connected (P 77).
Can not transfer RAW or
JPEG files to computer. Use the bundled software to transfer pictures (P 73).
Pictures can not be
The camera is not properly connected: Connect the camera correctly (P 67).
The printer is off: Turn the printer on.
Only one copy is printed/
the date is not printed. The printer is not PictBridge compatible.
The camera is unrespon-
Temporary camera malfunction: Remove and reinsert the battery (P 11).
The battery is exhausted: Charge the battery (P 10) or insert a fully-charged spare battery (P 11).
The camera does not
function as expected. Remove and reinsert the battery (P 11). If the problem persists, contact your FUJIFILM dealer.
No sound. Turn silent mode off (P 96).
Hue or content of display
changes unexpectedly. Choose OFF for A SCREEN SET-UP > MONITOR SUNLIGHT MODE (P 4).
Time and date stamps
Time and date stamps are not correct: Set the camera clock (P 17).
Time and date stamps appear on photographs: Time and date stamps can not be deleted. To prevent
stamps appearing on new photographs, select OFF for t SAVE DATA SET-UP > DATE STAMP
(P 100).
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