Problems and Solutions
ProblemProblem SolutionSolution
Pictures are mottled.
A slow shutter speed is selected at high temperatures: This is normal and does not indicated a mal-
The camera has been used continuously at high temperatures or a temperature warning is displayed: Turn
the camera off and wait for it to cool down.
Sounds made by the
camera are recorded with
Intelligent Face Detection is on: Turn Intelligent Face Detection off (P 52).
ProblemProblem SolutionSolution
Pictures are grainy. The pictures were taken with a different make or model of camera.
Playback zoom unavail-
able. The picture has been saved at a, or is from another make or model of camera (P 54).
No sound in movie
The camera is in silent mode: Turn silent mode off (P 96).
Playback volume is too low: Adjust playback volume (P 96).
The microphone was obstructed: Hold the camera correctly during recording (P 2).
The speaker is obstructed: Hold the camera correctly during playback (P 2).
Selected pictures are not
Some of the pictures selected for deletion are protected. Remove protection using the device
with which it was originally applied (P 90).
File numbering is unex-
pectedly reset.
The battery-chamber cover was opened while the camera was on. Turn the camera off before
opening the battery-chamber cover (P 16).
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