Problems and Solutions
Menus and Displays
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Menus and displays are
not in English. Select ENGLISH for Qa (P 17, 95).
ProblemProblem SolutionSolution
No picture is taken when
the shutter button is
Memory is full: Insert a new memory card or delete pictures (P 13, 56).
Memory is not formatted: Format the memory card or internal memory (P 102).
There is dirt on the memory card contacts: Clean the contacts with a soft, dry cloth.
The memory card is damaged: Insert a new memory card (P 13).
The battery is exhausted: Charge the battery or insert a fully-charged spare battery (P 10).
The camera has turned off automatically: Turn the camera on (P 16).
The indicator lamp was orange when you attempted to record a panorama: Wait until the indicator lamps
turns off (P 21).
The LCD monitor goes
dark after shooting. The LCD monitor may darken while the flash charges. Wait for the flash to charge (P 38).
The camera does not
The subject is close to the camera: Select macro mode (P 37).
The subject is far away from the camera: Cancel macro mode (P 37).
The subject is not suited to autofocus: Use focus lock (P 35).
Pictures are not the same
If S is selected for O IMAGE SIZE in R mode, the camera will optimize not only sensitivity and
other settings, but also image size. To record all pictures at the same size, choose another shooting
mode or select another option for O IMAGE SIZE (P 80).
Macro mode is not avail-
able. Choose a different shooting mode (P 23).
Intelligent Face Detection
is not available.
Intelligent Face Detection is not available in the current shooting mode: Choose a different shooting mode
(P 23).
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