Rinse aid
As soon as the rinse-aid refill indicator P is lit on
the fascia, there is still a rinse-aid reserve of 1 – 2
rinsing processes. Refill with rinse aid.
The rinse aid is required for stain-free utensils and
clear glasses. Use only rinse aid for domestic
Combined detergents with rinse-aid component may
be used up to a water hardness of 21° dH (37° fH,
26° Clarke, 3.7 mmol/l) only. If the water hardness is
over 21° dH, rinse aid must be used.
1Open the dispenser 9" by pressing and lifting
the plate on the cover.
2Carefully pour rinse aid up to the max. mark in the
filler opening.
3Close cover until it clicks shut.
4To prevent excessive foam formation during the
next rinse cycle, remove any rinse aid which has
run over with a cloth.
Setting amount of rinse aid
The amount of rinse aid dispensed can be set from
§:‹‹ to §:‹‡. This is the factory setting §:‹†.
Do not change the amount of rinse aid unless streaks
(select lower setting) or water stains (select higher
setting) are left on the utensils.
1Open the door.
2Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
3Hold down programme button # and press
START button )" until :.... is indicated on the
digital display.
4Release both buttons.
The LED for button # flashes and the digital
display 8 displays the factory setting :‹….
5Press programme button # until the factory set
value §:‹† is indicated on the digital display 8.
To change the setting:
1Press programme button 3.
Each time the button is pressed, the set value
increases by one level; when the value of §:‹‡
has been reached, the display jumps back
to §:‹‹ (off).
2Press START button )".
The set value is saved.
3Close the door.
Switching off rinse aid refill
If the rinse-aid refill indicator P is impaired (e.g.
when using combined detergents containing rinse aid
component), it can be switched off.
Proceed as described under “Setting amount of
rinse aid” and set the value to §:‹‹.
The rinse aid refill indicator P is now switched off.
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