1Make redundant appliances unusable to prevent
subsequent accidents.
2Dispose of the appliance in an environmentally
friendly manner.
Children could become locked in the appliance (risk
of suffocation) or find themselves in other dangerous
Therefore: Pull out the mains plug, sever and dispose
of the power cord. Destroy the door lock so that the
door can no longer be closed.
Getting to know your appliance
Diagrams of the control panel and the interior of the
appliance can be found in the envelope at the front.
Individual positions are referred to in the text.
Control panel
** Number depending on model
Appliance interior
* depending on model
(ON/OFF switch
0Programme buttons **
8Digital display
@Display “Check water supply”
HSalt refill indicator
PRinse aid refill indicator
XTimer programming display
`Timer programming
hAdditional options **
)" START button
)* Door opener
1" Interior light *
1* Top basket
12 Knife shelf *
1: Tablet collecting tray
1B Top spray arm
1J Bottom spray arm
1R Dispenser for special salt
1Z Filters
1b Cutlery basket
1j Bottom basket
9" Dispenser for rinse aid
9* Detergent dispenser
92 Lock for detergent dispenser
9: Rating plate
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