Gaggenau Hausgeräte GmbH
Carl-Wery-Straße 34
D-81739 München
Please find the contact data of all countries in the enclosed
customer service list.
Internet: www.gaggenau.com
To book an engineer visit and product advice
0844 / 892 8988
01450 2655
Calls from a BT landline will be charged at up
to 3 pence per minute.
A call set-up free of up to 6 pence may apply.
If your appliance is fitted with Aqua-Stop, you can leave your appliance unattended
during operation and leave the tap turned on afterwards. The tap should only be turned off
if you are absent from home for a prolonged period, e.g. several weeks holiday.
A prerequisite for the warranty claim is that the appliance has been correctly installed
and connected with Aqua-Stop according to our instructions. This also includes the correct
installation of the Aqua-Stop extension (original accessory).
Our warranty does not extend to defective feed lines or fittings up to the Aqua-Stop
connection on the tap.
This liability guarantee is valid for the service life of the appliance.
If our Aqua-Stop system is defective and causes water damage,
we will make good the damage for private users.
To ensure water damage protection, the appliance must be connected
to the power supply.
In addition to warranty claims against the seller based on the purchase contract
and in addition to our appliance warranty we will pay damages under the following conditions:
AQUA-STOP guarantee
(does not apply to appliances without Aqua-Stop)
9000 461 672 en (8909)
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