Childproof lock (door lock) *
40 Activate the childproof lock.
41 Open the door with activated
childproof lock.
42 Deactivate childproof lock.
Always close the appliance door completely
when you leave the appliance.
This is the only way you can protect your
children from potential dangers.
Baking sheet spray head *
Large sheets or grilles and plates which have a diameter greater than 30 cm (gourmet
plates, pasta plates, dinner plates) can be cleaned with the aid of the spray head.
To do this, remove the top basket and insert the spray head as illustrated in the diagram.
* some models
Never operate the dishwasher without the top basket or baking sheet spray head!
To ensure that the spray jet can reach all parts, arrange the baking sheets as illustrated
(max. 4baking sheets and 2grilles).
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