Empty the dishwasher and secure loose parts.
Drain the appliance according to the following
1Turn on the tap.
2Open the door.
3Switch on ON/OFF switch (. The displays of
the last selected programme light up.
4Select programme with the highest temperature.
The expected programme duration is indicated on
the numerical display 8.
5Press START button )".
6Close the door.
Programme sequence starts.
7Open door after approx. 4 minutes.
8Press START button )" until :‹‚ is indicated
on the digital display.
9Close the door.
10 Open door after approx. 1 minute.
The numerical display indicates :‹‹.
11 Switch the appliance off ( and turn the tap off.
Transport appliance upright only.
(This prevents residual water from running into the
machine control and damaging the programme
Protection against frost
If the appliance is in a room where there is a risk of
frost (e.g. holiday home), empty the appliance
completely (see Transportation).
Turn off the tap, disconnect supply hose and
drain water.
Waste disposal
Both the packaging of new appliances and the old
appliances themselves contain valuable raw materials
and recyclable materials.
Please dispose of the individual parts separated
according to type.
Please ask your dealer or inquire at your local
authority about current means of disposal.
All plastic parts of the appliance are identified with
internationally standardised abbreviations (e.g. >PS<
polystyrene). Therefore, plastic waste can be sorted
out when the appliance is being disposed of.
Please follow the safety instructions under “Delivery”.
Old appliances
Please follow the safety instructions under “Disposal
of your appliance”.
This appliance is identified according to the
European guideline 2002/96/EC on waste
electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE.
The guideline specifies the framework for an
EU-wide valid return and re-use of old
Subject to changes.
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