Warm water connection
The dishwasher can be connected to cold or hot water
up to max. 60 °C.
Connection to hot water is recommended if the hot
water can be supplied by energetically favourable
means and from a suitable installation, e.g. solar
heating system with circulation line.
This will save energy and time.
The hot water setting :‹‚ allows you to adjust your
appliance optimally to operation with hot water.
It is recommended to have a water temperature
(temperature of the incoming water) of at least 40 °C
and no more than 60 °C.
It is not recommended to connect the appliance to hot
water if the water is supplied from an electric boiler.
Setting hot water:
1Open the door.
2Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
3Hold down programme button # and press
START button )" until :... is indicated on the
digital display.
4Release both buttons.
The LED for button # flashes and the digital
display 8 displays the factory setting :‹….
5Press programme button # until the factory set
value :‹‹ is indicated on the digital
display 8.
To change the setting:
1By pressing the 3 button, you can switch the
hot water setting off :‹‹ or on :‹‚.
2Press START button )".
The set value is saved.
3Close the door.
Electrical connection
Connect the appliance to an alternating current
only, ranging from 220 V to 240 V and 50 Hz or
60 Hz via a correctly installed socket with
protective earth conductor. See rating plate for
required fusing 9:.
The socket must be near the appliance and freely
accessible following installation.
The connection may be modified by technicians
A power cord extension may be purchased from
customer service only.
Use only a residual current operated circuit-
breaker which features the symbol . Only this
extension guarantees compliance with the
currently valid regulations.
The appliance features a water damage protection
system. Please note the system will not function
unless the power supply is connected.
Removing the appliance
Also observe the sequence of worksteps here.
1Disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
2Turn off the water supply.
3Disconnect the waste water and fresh water
4Loosen the fastening screws under the worktop.
5If fitted, remove the base panel.
6Pull out the appliance, carefully pulling the hose
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