Customer service
If the advice given does not resolve your problem,
please contact your customer service. Contact details
can be found on the back cover of this instruction
manual or in the enclosed customer service list. When
calling , please quote the appliance number (1) and
the production date (FD = 2) which can be found on
the rating plate 9: on the appliance door.
Rely on the expertise of the manufacturer. Call
us to ensure that the repair will be carried out by fully-
trained service engineers, who are equipped with
original spare parts for your appliance.
The dishwasher must be connected correctly,
otherwise it will not function properly. The
specifications for the inlet and outlet as well as the
electrical connected loads must correspond with the
required criteria as specified in the following
paragraphs or in the installation instructions.
Install the appliance in the correct sequence:
1Checking appliance on delivery
2Installing the appliance
3Waste water connection
4Fresh water connection
5Electrical connection
Safety instructions
Install and connect the appliance according to the
installation and assembly instructions.
Prior to installation, disconnect the dishwasher
from the power supply.
Ensure that the protective conductor system of
the domestic supply has been correctly installed.
The electrical connection conditions must
correspond with the specifications on the
dishwasher rating plate 9:.
If the power cord of this appliance is damaged, it
must be replaced with a particular power cord.
To prevent injury, the power cord may be replaced
by customer service only.
If the dishwasher is installed in a high-sided unit,
the unit must be secured properly.
Install built-under or integratable appliances only
under continuous worktops which have been
screwed to adjacent cupboards to ensure
Do not install the appliance near heat sources
(radiators, heat storage tanks, cookers or other
appliances which generate heat) and do not
install under a hob.
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