... on the appliance
Lower spray arm rotates sluggishly.
Spray arm blocked.
The door is difficult to open. *
Child-proof lock is activated. The deactivation
instructions are at the back in the envelope.
* depending on model
Door cannot be closed.
Door lock has been activated. To reset, close the
door with greater force.
Cover on the detergent dispenser cannot be
Detergent dispenser overfilled or mechanism
blocked by sticky detergent residue.
Detergent residue in the detergent dispenser.
Dispenser was damp when filled.
“Check water supply” display @ lights up.
Tap turned off.
Water supply interrupted.
Supply hose kinked.
Filter in the water supply blocked.
1Switch off the appliance and pull out the mains
2Turn off the tap.
3Clean filter in the supply hose.
4Reconnect power supply.
5Turn on the tap.
6Switch on the appliance.
Water is left in the appliance at the end of
the programme.
(:ƒ…) Waste water hose is blocked or
Filters blocked.
(:Ġ) Waste water pump blocked, cover on
the waste water pump is not locked in position
(see Maintenance and care).
Filters blocked.
The programme has not yet ended. Wait until
programme ends (digital display indicates
:‹‹) or implement the “Reset” function.
Refill indicator for salt H and/or rinse-aid P
is not lit.
Refill indicator/s switched off.
Adequate salt/rinse-aid available.
Refill indicator for special salt H is lit.
No salt.
Refill with special salt.
Sensor does not detect salt tablets.
Use different special salt.
... during the wash cycle
Unusual foam formation.
Handwash liquid in the rinse aid dispenser.
Spilled rinse aid causes excessive frothing,
therefore please remove with a cloth.
Appliance stops during the wash cycle.
Power supply interrupted.
Water supply interrupted.
Filling valves making striking noises
Caused by the installation of the water line and
has no effect on the function of the machine.
Remedial action is not possible.
Knocking/rattling noise during rinsing
Spray arm is striking utensils.
Utensils not arranged correctly.
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