Waste water pump
Large food remnants in the rinsing water not retained
by the filters may block the waste water pump. The
rinsing water is then not pumped out and covers the
In this case:
1First disconnect the appliance from the power
2Remove the filters 1Z.
3Scoop out water, use a sponge if required.
4Using a spoon, prise off pump cover (as
illustrated) until it clicks, then grip the cover by
the lug and first pull it upwards until it resists and
then pull it out forwards.
5Check inner compartment and remove any foreign
6Place cover in the original position, press down
and engage.
7Install filters.
The majority of faults which could occur in daily
operation can be rectified by the user. This ensures
that the appliance is quickly available for use again.
The following overview will help you locating the
causes and gives helpful advise to eliminate them.
If on the digital display 8 an error code (:‹‚ to
:„‹), always disconnect the appliance from the
power supply and then turn off the tap.
You can rectify certain faults yourself (see following
fault description), for all other faults please contact
customer service and state the indicated fault :XX.
Don’t forget: Repairs may be carried out by
technicians only. If a component has to be replaced,
ensure that only original spare parts are used.
Improper repairs or use of non-original spare parts
may cause considerable damage and put the user at
considerable risk.
... when the appliance is
switched on
The appliance does not start.
The mains fuse has tripped.
The appliance plug has not been inserted.
The appliance door has not been shut properly.
... changing settings
A setting cannot be changed, a programme
Wrong programme button pressed. Terminate the
programme (see chapter entitled “Terminating the
programme (Reset)”) and start all over again.
You did not wait until programme ended.
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