Additional options
* depending on model
Additional options can be set with the buttons h.
¥ Turbo *
The Turbo programme significantly reduces the
programme running time. The energy consumption is
increased by up to 30% due to more intensive heating.
The time reduction affects the following programmes:
§ Half load *
If you have only a few items to wash (e.g. glasses,
cups, plates), you can switch to “half load”. This will
save water, energy and time. It is recommended to put
a little less detergent in the detergent dispenser than
for a full load.
· Hygiene *
The temperature is increased during the cleaning
process. This increases the hygiene status. This
additional option is ideal for cleaning e.g. chopping
boards and baby bottles.
Ï Intensive zone *
Perfect for a mixed load. You can wash very soiled
pots and pans in the lower basket together with
normally soiled utensils in the upper basket. The spray
pressure in the lower basket is intensified, the rinsing
temperature is increased slightly.
¿ Extra drying *
An increased temperature during the final rinse and
an extended drying phase ensure that even plastic
parts dry better. There is a slight increase in the
energy consumption.
ß Energy Save *
Water and energy consumption can be reduced with
the “Energy Save” function. The running time is
extended for optimum cleaning and drying results.
Washing the dishes
Programme data
The programme data (consumption values) can be
found in the summary of instructions. They refer to
normal conditions and the water hardness set value
:‹…. Different influencing factors such as e.g. water
temperature or line pressure may result in deviations.
Aqua sensor *
* depending on model
The Aqua sensor is an optical measuring device (light
barrier) which measures the turbidity of the rinsing
The Aqua sensor is used according to the programme.
If the Aqua sensor is active, “clean” rinsing water can
be transferred to the next rinse bath and water
consumption can be reduced by 3–6 litres. If the
turbidity is greater, the water is drained and is
replaced with fresh water. In the automatic
programmes the temperature and running time can
also be adjusted to the degree of soiling.
Switching on the appliance
1Turn on the tap fully.
2Open the door.
3Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
The display of the last selected programme
flashes. This programme remains selected if no
other programme button 0 is pressed. The
expected programme duration flashes on the
digital display 8.
4Press the START button )".
5Close the door.
The programme starts running.
Auto: Time reduction up to 25%
Eco: Time reduction up to 58%
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