2Close the cover on the detergent dispenser
by sliding it up until the lock engages without
The detergent dispenser opens automatically
at the optimum time depending on the
programme. The powder or liquid detergent
is distributed in the appliance and is dissolved,
the tablet falls into the tablet collecting tray
where it dissolves in doses.
If the utensils are only lightly soiled, slightly less than
the indicated amount of detergent is usually adequate.
Suitable detergents and care products can be
purchased online via our website or via customer
service (see back page).
Combination detergent
Apart from conventional detergents (Solo), a number
of products are offered with additional functions.
These products contain not only the detergent but
also rinse-aid and salt replacement substances (3in1)
and, depending on the combination (4in1, 5in1, etc.),
additional components such as glass protection
or stainless steel cleaner. Combination detergents
function only up to a specific degree of hardness
(usually 21°dH). Over this limit salt and rinse-aid must
be added.
As soon as combined detergents are used, the rinse
programme is adjusted automatically to ensure
the best possible rinsing and drying result.
Do not place small parts for washing in the tablet
collecting tray 1:; this prevents the tablet from
dissolving evenly.
If you want to add more utensils after
the programme has started, do not use the tablet
collecting tray 1: as a handle for the upper
basket. The tablet could already be there and
you will touch the partially dissolved tablet.
You will obtain optimum rinsing and drying results
by using solo detergents and applying salt and
rinse aid separately.
If programmes are short, tablets may not have full
cleaning effect due to different dissolving
properties and there may even be undissolved
detergent residue. It is recommended to use
washing powder for these programmes.
The Intensive programme (on some models)
requires one tab only. When using washing
powder, you can apply some of this cleaning
agent to the inside of the appliance’s door.
Even if the rinse-aid and/or salt refill indicator is
lit, the rinse programme will run correctly with
combined detergents.
If using detergents in a water-soluble protective
cover: Take hold of the cover with dry hands only
and put the detergent into an absolutely
dry detergent dispenser only, otherwise
the detergent may stick.
If you switch from combined detergents to solo
detergents, ensure that the water softening
system and amount of rinse aid have been set to
the correct value.
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