Removing the upper basket
1Pull out the top basket 1* all the way.
2Lift the basket at the front and pull it over the
front catch (1) on the rails.
3Lower the basket again and pull it out forwards.
Installing the upper basket
1Pull the rails all the way out.
2Install the basket by inserting the rails between
the two metal nubs (2) situated opposite each
other on the left and right sides of the basket.
3Lift the basket over the front catch (1) on the
4Then lower the basket and push it into the rear
catch (3) on the rails.
5Snap the basket into the front catch (1) and push
in the basket all the way.
You can use tablets as well as powder or liquid
detergents for dishwashers, but never use washing
up liquid. The dosage can be individually adjusted
with powder or a liquid detergent according
to the degree of soiling. Tablets contain an adequately
large amount of active ingredients for all cleaning
tasks. Modern, powerful detergents predominantly
use a low-alkaline formulation with phosphate
and enzymes. Phosphates bond the lime in the water.
Enzymes break down starch and remove protein.
Phosphate-free detergents are less frequent. These
have a slightly weaker lime bonding capacity
and require a higher dosage. To remove coloured
stains (e.g. tea, tomato sauce), oxygen-based
bleaching agents are usually used.
To ensure a good washing result, always follow
the instructions on the detergent packaging!
If you have further questions, we recommend that
you contact the detergent manufacturers’ helpline.
Read and observe the safety information and
instructions for use on the packaging for cleaning and
rinsing agents.
Adding detergent
1If the detergent dispenser 9* is still closed,
press the lock 92 to open the detergent
Pour detergent into the dry detergent
dispenser 9* only (insert tablet flat, not on its
edge). Dosage: see manufacturer’s instructions
on the packaging.
The graduated detergent dispenser 9* helps
you add the correct amount of powder or liquid
Usually 20 ml–25 ml are adequate for normal
soiling. If using tablets, one tablet is adequate.
2 3
15 ml
25 ml
50 ml
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