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These instructions for use are applicable to other
hobs. On
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an overview of the models is
provided, along with information on measurements.
Control panel
The hotplates
Residual heat indicator
The hob has a residual heat indicator for each
hotplate to show those which are still hot. Avoid
touching the hotplate for which this indicator is lit.
Although the hob is switched off, the indicator will
remain on for as long as the hotplate is hot.
When the pan is removed before the hotplate is turned
off, the indicator and the selected power level will
appear alternately.
Control sur-
ÿMain switch
rQuick pre-heating and basic settings menu
ŽPowerboost and childproof lock
MTime program
tBasic settings
KChildproof lock
-ŠPower levels
Functionality and residual heat
Quick preheating
˜Powerboost function
sTime program
Hotplate Activating and deactivating
$Single hotplate Use a correctly sized pan.
ðDouble hotplate The hotplate turns on automatically when a pan the same size as its outer
edges is placed on it.
òTriple hotplate The hotplate is switched on automatically by using a pan with a base that
matches the size of the outer area (ð or ò) selected for use.
Only use pans suitable for induction cooking, see the "Appropriate cookware" section.
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