Suitable pans
Ferromagnetic pans
Only ferromagnetic pans are suitable for induction
cooking, these may be made from:
enamelled steel
cast iron
special cutlery for stainless steel induction pan
To determine whether a pan is suitable, check to see if
a magnet will stick to it.
Other suitable cookware for induction
There are other types of cookware especially made for
induction whose base is not entirely ferromagnetic.
Unsuitable pans
Never use pans made from:
common thin steel
Characteristics of the pan base
The characteristics of the pan base may affect the
uniformity of the cooking results. Pans made from
materials which help diffuse heat, such as stainless
steel sandwich pans, distribute heat uniformly, saving
time and energy.
Absence of pan or unsuitable size
If no pan is placed on the selected hotplate, or if it is
made of unsuitable material or is not the correct size,
the power level displayed on the hotplate indicator will
flash. Place a suitable pan on the hotplate to stop the
flashing. If this takes more than 90 seconds, the
hotplate will switch off automatically.
Empty pans or those with a thin base
Do not heat empty pans, nor use pans with a thin
base. The hob is equipped with an internal safety
system. However, an empty pan may heat up so quickly
that the "automatic switch off" function may not have
time to react and the pan may reach very high
temperatures. The base of the pan could melt and
damage the glass on the hob. In this case, do not
touch the pan and switch the hotplate off. If it fails to
work after it has cooled down, please contact the
Technical Assistance Service.
Pan detection
Each hotplate has a minimum limit for detecting pans,
which varies depending on the material of the pan
being used. You should therefore use the hotplate that
is most suitable for the diameter of your pan.
Automatic detection on double or triple hotplates
These hotplates can detect cookware of different
sizes. Depending on the material and properties of the
cookware, the hotplate will adapt automatically,
switching on part or all of the hotplate and supplying
sufficient power to obtain good cooking results.
When using large cookware
on a smaller ferromagnetic
zone, only the ferromagnetic
zone heats up, so heat might
not be uniformly distributed.
Cookware with aluminium on
the base reduce the ferro-
magnetic zone, so less heat
may be supplied or be diffi-
cult to detect.
For good cooking results, the
diameter of the cookware's
ferromagnetic area should
match the size of the hot-
plate. If cookware is not
detected on a hotplate, try it
on the next smaller hotplate
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