ã=Safety precautions
Please read this manual carefully.
Please keep the instruction and
installation manual as well as the
appliance certificate in a safe place for
later use or for subsequent owners.
Check the appliance after removing it
from the packaging. If it has suffered any
damage in transport, do not connect the
appliance, contact the Technical
Assistance Service and provide written
notification of the damage caused,
otherwise you will lose your right to any
type of compensation.
This appliance must be installed
according to the installation instructions
This appliance is intended for domestic
use only. The appliance must only be
used for the preparation of food and
drink. The appliance must be supervised
during operation. Only use this
appliance indoors.
This appliance is not intended for
operation with an external clock timer or
a remote control.
This appliance may be used by children
over the age of 8 years old and by
persons with reduced physical, sensory
or mental capacity or by persons with a
lack of experience or knowledge if they
are supervised or are instructed by a
person responsible for their safety how
to use the appliance safely and have
understood the associated hazards.
Children must not play with the
appliance. Children must not clean the
appliance or carry out general
maintenance unless they are at least
8 years old and are being supervised.
Keep children below the age of 8 years
old at a safe distance from the appliance
and power cable.
Risk of fire!
Hot oil and fat can ignite very quickly.
Never leave hot fat or oil unattended.
Never use water to put out burning
oil or fat. Switch off the hotplate.
Extinguish flames carefully using a
lid, fire blanket or something similar.
Ris k of fire!
The hotplates become very hot.
Never place combustible items on
the hob. Never place objects on the
Ris k of fire!
The appliance gets hot. Do not keep
combustible objects or aerosol cans
in drawers directly underneath the
Ris k of fire!
The hob switches off automatically
and can no longer be operated. It
may switch on unintentionally at a
later point. Switch off the circuit
breaker in the fuse box. Contact the
after-sales service.
Risk of burning!
The hotplates and the area around
them get very hot. Never touch the
hot surfaces. Keep children away.
Ris k of burns!
The hotplate heats up but the display
does not work. Switch off the circuit
breaker in the fuse box. Contact the
after-sales service.
Ris k of burns!
Metal objects on the hob quickly
become very hot. Never place metal
objects (such as knives, forks,
spoons and lids) on the hob.
Risk of fire!!
After each use, always turn off the
hob at the main switch. Do not wait
until the hob turns off automatically
after the pan is removed.
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