Care and cleaning
The advice and warnings contained in this section aim
to guide you in cleaning and maintaining the hob, so
that it is kept in the best possible condition
Clean the hob after each use. This prevents food
remains left on the surface from burning. Wait until
the hob is cold enough before attempting to clean it.
Only use cleaning products specifically designed for
glass-ceramic hobs. Follow the instructions provided
on the packaging.
Do not use:
Abrasive products
heavy-duty cleaners, like oven sprays and stain
Pads that may scratch
High-pressure or steam cleaners
Glass scraper
Remove dried-on food remains using a glass scraper.
1Release the scraper safety catch
2Use the blade to clean the hob surface
Do not attempt to clean the hob surface with the base
of the scraper. This could result in scratching.
ãRisk of injury!!
The blade is extremely sharp. Risk of cuts. Protect the
blade when not in use. Replace the blade immediately
when any imperfections are found.
Care of the appliance
Apply an additive to protect and preserve the hob.
Follow the advice and warnings provided with the
The Tipp control
For cleaning the Tipp control, warm water and a little
soap is recommended. Do not use abrasive products
and do not scrub. Do not place the Tipp control in a
dishwasher or in washing up water. Otherwise, it
could be damaged.
Hob frame
In order to avoid damage to the hob frame, follow the
indications below:
Use only slightly soapy hot water
Do not use sharp or abrasive products
Do not use a glass scraper
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