Basic settings
The device has several basic settings. Some of these
settings can be modified.
Accessing the basic settings
The hob should be turned off.
1Turn on the hob with the main switch.
2Within the next 10 seconds the indicator t
appears. Then press the symbol A for more than
four seconds until the second confirmation beep
The time program function display shows the
symbols and
3Press the symbol A until the indicator for the
desired function is displayed.
4Then select the required value using the Tipp
control. Move the control to the desired setting.
The selected value will be indicated with a dot
(see diagram)
5Press the symbol A again for more than 4 seconds
until a confirmation beep sounds.
The settings have been properly saved.
To leave the basic settings, turn off the hob at the
main switch.
Indicator Function
™‚ Sound signals
Most signals deactivated.
All signals activated*
™ƒ Childproof lock
™„ Return to basic settings
š Return to default settings
™… Selecting the hotplate
£ Limited: The hotplate will remain selected for only 5 seconds.*
£. Unlimited: the last hotplate programmed remains selected.
™† Power-Management function
= Deactivated.*
= 1,000 W. minimum power.
= 1,500 W.
ƒ = 2,000 W.
Š or Š. = maximum power of the hob.
*Factory settings
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