The timer
The timer can be set for periods of up to 90 minutes. It
is independent of the other settings.
How to program
The hob must be on
1Press the M symbol. ‹‹ appears on the time
program function display.
2Set the required time using the Tipp control.
The timer starts to count down after a few seconds.
Once the time has elapsed
A warning signal sounds. The symbol ‹‹ flashes on
the time program function display. Pressing the M
symbol turns off the indicators and stops the beep.
Changing or cancelling the time
Press the symbol M and change the time using the
Tipp control or turn the Tipp control until ‹‹ appears
on the time function program display.
Automatic time limitation
If the hotplate remains in use for a long time and no
changes are made in the settings, the automatic time
limitation function is triggered.
The hotplate stops heating. The residual heat
indicator will be shown on the hotplate display.
When the automatic time function is used, it is
governed by the selected power level (from 1 to 10
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