Powerboost function
The Powerboost function can be used to heat large
amounts of water more quickly than the power level Š.
Use limitations
This function is available on all hotplates, provided
that no other hotplate in the same group is operating,
(see picture). Otherwise, the display of the selected
hotplate will flash ˜ and Š; then it will automatically
set the power level Š.
In group 2, the powerboost function may be activated
at the same time for all hotplates (see picture).
To activate
The hob must be switched on.
1Select the hotplate. The corresponding indicator
lights up.
2Press the Ž symbol. The ˜ indicator lights up.
The function has been turned on.
To deactivate
1Select the hotplate. The corresponding indicator
lights up.
2Press the Ž symbol. The letter ˜ is no longer
displayed and it will return to power level Š. The
function will be deactivated.
Note: In certain circumstances, the Powerboost
function may turn off automatically in order to protect
the electronic components inside the hob.
Time programming function
This function may be used in two different ways:
to automatically switch off a hotplate.
as a timer.
Turning off a hotplate automatically
Enter the time period for the required hotplate. The
hotplate turns off automatically once the time has
How to program
The hob must be on
1Select the required hotplate and power level.
Then press the symbol M until the indicator lights
up s on the required hotplate. The ‹‹ indicator
lights up in the time program function display.
2Program the time using the Tipp control.
After a few seconds, the timer will start to count down.
The shortest cooking time will show on the display.
Once the time has elapsed
The cooking zone switches off once this time has
elapsed. A warning signal sounds.
A flashes on the hotplate and ‹‹ flashes on the
time program function display.
Pressing the M symbol turns off the indicators and
stops the beep.
Changing or cancelling the time
Select the desired hotplate and then press the symbol
M. Change the time using the Tipp control or turn the
control until ‹‹ appears. The indicator s switches
Select a hotplate to check the remaining cooking
Any cooking time can be programmed up to 90
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