Childproof lock
The hob can be protected against being accidentally
turned on, to ensure that children do not switch on the
Activating and deactivating the
childproof lock.
In order to use the childproof lock, the function ™ƒ on
the basic settings menu must be activated.
The hob should be turned off.
To activate: Switch on the hob. In a few seconds the
indicator K lights up. Then press the symbol Ž for
more than 4 seconds until a beep sounds. The hob is
locked. After a while, the indicator K will switch off.
To deactivate: Switch on the hob. In a few seconds the
indicator K lights up. Then press the symbol Ž for
more than 4 seconds until a beep sounds. The lock is
now deactivated.
Note: The childproof lock can be accidentally
activated or deactivated by the presence of water
spilled while cleaning, food that has overflowed or
objects resting on the Ž symbol.
Cooking with the quick preheating
All the hotplates have a quick preheating function. To
begin with, the required power level for slow cooking
is selected. The hotplate heats up at maximum power
and automatically switches on at the previously
selected power level. The duration of the quick
preheating depends on the programmed power level.
How to program
1Select the required power level for slow cooking.
Power level Š does not have this function.
2Press the symbol r. Quick preheating is
activated. The symbol and the previously
selected power level flash alternately on the
The function is deactivated after a period of time that
varies according to the power level selected. The slow
power setting is automatically activated in the
hotplate. Only the previously selected power level
remains lit on the display. The cooking time can be
changed. The value appears on the time program
function display.
Quick heating suggestions
The quick preheating function does not cook the
food: Quick preheating is used to boil food slowly
in a small amount of water in order to conserve its
nutritional value. On large hotplates add only 3
cups of water to the food. On small hotplates add
about 2 cups of water. Boil the rice with double
the quantity of liquid. Cover the pan with a lid.
Quick preheating is not suitable for foods which
have to be cooked in a lot of water (e.g. pasta).
Milk or foods which produce a lot of foam may
overflow the pan. Use a pan with high sides.
Milk may burn: Rinse out the pan with cold water
before filling it.
When frying, food may stick to the pan: Place
food in the pan when the pan is sufficiently hot.
When the oil or butter is sufficiently hot, patches
form when the pan is tilted. Do not stir the food
too soon. Meat or Spanish omelettes practically
come free by themselves after a period of time.
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