The table shows which temperature setting is suitable
for each type of food. The cooking time may vary
according to the type, weight, thickness and quality of
the food. Recommended temperature settings have
been determined in accordance with the Gaggenau
pan system. The temperature setting will vary
depending on the type of pan used.
Total cooking time after
audible signal sounds
Meat Plain or breaded escalope (1.5 cm thick) med plus 6-10 min
Fillet, medium (pork, beef or veal, 2.5 cm thick) med plus 6-10 min
Pork or lamb chops (2 cm thick) med 10-17 min
Rare veal steak (3 cm thick) max 6-8 min
Medium or well-done veal steak (3 cm thick). med plus 8-12 min
Medium loin of lamb (1.5 - 2.5 cm thick) med 10-15 min
Chicken breast (2 cm thick) med 10-20 min
Raw or pre-heated sausages (1 -3 cm) med 8-20 min
Hamburgers / Meat balls (1 - 3 cm thick) med 6-30 min
Ragú med plus 6-10 min
Ground beef med plus 6-10 min
Bacon min 5-8 min
Fish Whole fish med 15-25 min
Fish fillet, plain or breaded med / med plus 10-20 min
Salmon fillet (2.5 cm thick) med 8-12 min
Tuna fillet, well done (2.5 cm thick) med 8-12 min
Prawns and shrimps med plus 4-8 min
Seafood med plus 5-8 min
Egg-based dishes Pancakes med plus fry individually
Omelettes min fry individually
Fried eggs min / med plus 2-6 min
Scrambled eggs min 2-4 min
Sweet fried bread / french toast med fry individually
Potatoes Sautéed potatoes made from boiled potatoes max 6-12 min
Sautéed potatoes made from raw potatoes* med 15-25 min
Potato pancakes max fry individually
Diced potatoes min 30-40 min
Sautéed potatoes med plus 10-15 min
Vegetables Garlic, onion min 2-10 min
Courgettes, Aubergines med 4-12 min
Pepper, Green asparagus, Carrots med 4-15 min
Mushrooms med plus 10-15 min
Sautéed vegetables med plus 6-10 min
Frozen products Fish fillet, plain or breaded (0.5 - 1 cm thick) med 10-20 min
Sautéed dishes and vegetables min 8-15 min
Spring rolls (2 - 3.5 cm thick) med 10-30 min
Miscellaneous Rice/ Noodles max 8-15 min
Fried bread med 6-10 min
Toasting almonds/nuts/pine nuts* min 3-7 min
* In a cold pan.
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