How to program
Select the suitable temperature setting from the table.
Put a pan on the hotplate.
The hob must be switched on.
1Select the hotplate.
2Press the q symbol. The ¬ indicator lights up on
the hotplate display.
Each indicator has a temperature level:
3Within the next 5 seconds, select the required
temperature level using the Tipp control. The
indicators ¬ come on. The Frying function has
been activated.
The indicators _ flash until the frying temperature
is reached. Then a beep sounds.
4Add oil to the pan and then add the food. As
usual, turn the food over to avoid burning.
Turning off the frying function
Select the hotplate and press the q symbol. Then
remove the pan.
¬low temperature level
«low-medium temperature level
ªmedium-high temperature level
ª. high temperature level
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