Deep-frying function
This function is used for deep-frying, automatically
regulating the temperature of the pan.
The hotplates equipped with this function are on the
right side or front hotplates, depending on the model
(see figure).
Deep-frying features
The hotplate only heats when necessary. This way
energy is saved. The oil and fat do not overheat.
Never leave oil or fat cooking unattended.
Place the pan at the centre of the hotplate.
Ensure that the base of the pan is the right
Do not cover the pan with a lid. Doing so will
cause the automatic regulation not to function. A
protective screen may be used without affecting
the automatic regulation
Only use oil which is suitable for frying. If using
butter, margarine, olive oil or pork lard, select the
min temperature setting.
Pans to use with the frying function
There are pans suited to this function which may be
purchased later as optional accessories, in
specialised stores, or through our Technical
Assistance Service. Always indicate the related
reference code.
GP900001 small pan (15 cm diameter)
GP900002 medium pan (18 cm)
GP900003 large pan (21 cm)
The pans are non-stick. Food may also be fried in a
small amount of oil.
The temperature settings shown below have been
specially adjusted for these types of pans.
Note: If a different type of pan is used, try it first at
the lowest temperature, adjusting it as required. The
pans may overheat.
Temperature settings
Power level Temperature Suitable for
max ª. high e.g. potato fritters, sautéed potatoes, and rare steak.
med plus ªmedium-high e.g., thin fried foods like frozen pies, escalopes, ragú, vegetables
med «low-medium e.g. thick fried food such as hamburgers and sausages, fish.
min ¬low e.g. omelettes, using butter, olive oil or margarine
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