Twistpad and Tipp control
The Twistpad is the programming zone in which the
Tipp control can be used to select the hotplates and
power level.
In the Twistpad area, the Tipp control is centred
The Tipp control is magnetic and is placed over the
Twistpad. When the Tipp control is moved to a
hotplate symbol, the corresponding hotplate is
activated. When the Tipp control is rotated, the power
level is selected.
Removing the Tipp control
The Tipp control can be removed to make cleaning
Similarly, the Tipp control can be removed while the
hotplate is on. All the hotplates switch off after 3
ãRisk of fire!!
If a metal object is placed on the Twistpad during
these 3 seconds, the hob may continue to heat up.
Therefore, always switch off the hob using the main
Protecting the Tipp control
The Tipp control has a powerful magnet inside. Do not
place the Tipp control near magnetic media which
contain data such as video tapes, diskettes, credit
cards and cards with magnetic strips. They could be
Additionally, it could cause interference with monitors
and television sets.
ãFor people with electronic implants, such as
pacemakers and insulin pumps:!
Implants are likely to be affected by the magnetic
Therefore, never put the Tipp control in your pocket. It
should be kept at least 10 cm away from a pacemaker.
Note: The Tipp control is magnetic. Metal particles
sticking to the lower part could scratch the range's
surface. Always clean the Tipp control thoroughly.
Programming the hob
This section will show you how to program the
hotplates. The table contains power levels and
cooking times for several dishes.
Turning the hob on and off
The hob is turned on and off using the main switch.
To turn on: press the # symbol. A beep sounds. The
indicator for the hotplates is turned on. The hob is
ready for use.
To turn off: press the symbol # until the hotplates'
indicator is turned off. All hotplates are turned off.
The residual heat indicator stays lit until the hotplates
have cooled sufficiently.
Note: The hob switches off automatically when all the
hotplates have been switched off for more than 20
seconds. If the hob is still hot, the residual heat
warning light will come on. If the hob is switched on
again a few seconds after it was switched off, the
latest settings will appear.
Setting the hotplate
Select the required cooking power using the Tipp
Power level 1 = minimum power.
Power level 9 = maximum power.
Each power level has an intermediate setting. This is
marked with a dot.
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