Power Cut
The appliance bridges a power cut of up to
5 minutes. The operation continues.
After a longer power cut the appliance will switch
off the operation. The xsymbol appears on the
display and three dashes instead of the
Switch off the temperature knob and switch the
appliance back on.
The “first settings” menu reappears if the appliance
is without electricity for several days. You have to
set the clock.
Note: The basic settings remain stored even if the
appliance is without electricity for several days.
If an oven light fails, it must be replaced. Heat-
resistant replacement bulbs can be obtained from
the after-sales service or specialist shops. Only use
these bulbs.
$Warning, risk of burns! Oven lights get very hot
during use. Only replace the oven light when it is
Disconnect the appliance from the electricity before
replacing the light (switch off the household fuse or
the circuit breaker in the fuse box).
1Loosen the screw on the lamp cover.
Tilt down the lamp cover.
2Pull out the bulb. Push the new bulb in firmly.
Make sure that the pins are in the correct
Note: Only use a heat-resistant halogen bulb of
the same type (60 W / 230 V / G9).
Do not touch the halogen lamp with your hands.
Use a dry cloth.
3Tilt the lamp cover up and screw it back on.
4Switch the circuit breaker back on.
Replacing the Oven Light
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