In case of a malfunction first check the household
fuses. If the power supply is functioning correctly
contact your dealer or Gaggenau after-sales
Please specify the E number and FD number of the
appliance when calling our after-sales service. You
find these numbers on the rating plate of the
Repairs may only be carried out by authorised
technicians, in order to guarantee the electrical
safety of the appliance.
$Warning! Incorrect repairs may result in serious
injury to the user.
All poles of the appliance must be disconnected
from the electricity when being repaired (switch off
the household fuse or the circuit breaker in the fuse
Non compliance with these recommendations
results in the warranty coverage becoming invalid.
Error Messages
If a malunction occurs and the appliance does not
heat up, an error code will be shown on the display.
If E003,E303,E115 or E215 is shown on the
display the appliance is too hot. Switch off the
appliance and let it cool down.
If a different error code is shown on the display call
the after-sales service. Please specify the error
code and the appliance type. You find the appliance
type on the rating plate.
Switch off the temperature knob.
The short timer and stop clock can still be used.
Exhibition Mode
If the xsymbol appears on the standby screen,
exhibition mode is activated. The appliance does
not heat up.
Disconnect the appliance from the electricity for a
few seconds (switch off the household fuse or the
circuit breaker in the fuse box). Within 3 minutes
after reconnecting the appliance go to the basic
settings menu and deactivate exhibition mode.
Trouble Shooting
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