The duration of the catalysis cannot be changed.
You can view the remaining duration of the catalysis
and the switch-off time by calling up the timer
If you want to stop the catalytic cleaning:
Switch off the temperature knob.
If you have delayed the switch-off time, three
dashes instead of the temperature are shown on the
display. After the start of the catalysis the
temperature appears on the display.
The rails can be removed for cleaning.
To Unhook the Rails
1Lift the rail at the front in an upwards direction.
2Unhook the rail at the front.
3Then pull the whole rail forward and take it out.
Clean the rails using either washing-up liquid and a
sponge or a brush.
To Hook Rails Back into Position
1First insert the rail in the rear socket.
2Push the rail back slightly and then hook it into
the front socket.
The rails fit both the left and right sides. Recess (a)
must always be at the bottom.
Removing the Rails
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