You can order as a spare part the rear and top
interior panels for the oven which are coated with
catalytic special enamel. The high temperatures
during catalytic cleaning remove soiling.
The bottom and side interior parts, the inside of the
door and the glass panel are not cleaned during
catalytic cleaning.
The duration of the catalytic cleaning is 3 hours.
Before Starting Catalytic Cleaning
Remove coarse soiling and food remains from
the oven.
Manually clean the bottom and side interior
parts, the door seal, the inside of the door and
the glass panel. The catalysis does not clean
these parts.
Remove all loose interior parts (for example
wire rack) from the oven. No objects should be
left in the oven!
Close the oven door.
Setting the Program
1Turn the temperature knob and the function
knob one position to the left.
2The catalysis menu appears. The switch-off
time of the catalytic cleaning appears on the
3If you want the catalytic cleaning to run at a
later time (for example during the night), you
can change the switch-off time using the dkey.
4Press bto start.
The catalysis menu disappears. The Fsymbol and
the catalysis temperature appear on the display.
A signal is sounded at the switch-off time.
Exception: There is no signal between 22.00 and
The catalytic cleaning has ended. Switch off the
temperature knob. Allow the oven to cool down
Catalytic Cleaning
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